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                    If you're fed up with having no paycheck every two weeks- This is for you 

Introducing: The Most Simple Way For Those Wanting To


                    How to get ready to start doordashing now 

From: The desk of Chris Ferguson 

Are you sick and tired of dealing with a narcissistic, arrogant boss that yells at you for dealing your job right?


Are you fed up with the work environment that promises a “raise” after putting in all the work and time to an effort making the workplace the best you can?


Or are you looking for a side hustle that you can be able to set your own hours, work anywhere you want and being able to make the amount of money you want to make to cover bills, put food on the table and pay the rent all while trying to take care of family that need you to care for?


get you. I been through the B.S. with the work politics and drama and decided on that faithful July of 2022 day that enough was enough and decided to work for myself and not let anyone tell me what to do or when to do.

My name is Chris Ferguson and I’m been a DoorDasher for over two years and with close over 7000 deliveries under my belt as I'm writing this, I know some things about dashing that could help you out


But first let me tell about how came across being a door dasher and my journey through


It was the summer of 2021 and I was talking to a woman that I met through online dating. We talked for a few weeks and planning on wanting to meet up. She lived three hours away from where I lived.


However due to conflict in my schedule and her schedule it didn’t go as quite as planned as I wanted.


During one of our conversations she was talking about this thing called DoorDash she does on the side.


“What the hell is DoorDash?” I thought to myself.


She was explaining about how you can make money delivering food on the side and get paid really well for it.

It peaked my curiosity.


Now I’ll be honest. I’m the skeptical type of person. I feel like it something is too good to be true then it’s not a good idea not to ever fool with.

But her being genuine and honest I decided to give it look into it and decided to give it a shot.


Long story short I went through the process of signing up and provided my details and a week later got my materials to get me started.

I had no clue what I got myself into. After all I was working at another job that I absolutely hated. But that’s for another day.

I decided that week that I was going to give it a shot to see if I liked it or not. If I didn’t what else can I lose?

I had no idea what to do

My very first dash was to McAllister’s and there was someone who was also doing doordash and I asked her for some help.


She instructed me what to do and what to get.


I Went and got to food to deliver to the customer’s house which was about 5 minutes away and sit the food by the step.


I earned $3


Yes I know it’s not much at all but as got into my caring said I can do this…I can do this!


That week I had the money deposited into my bank account. I made $140

I was hooked. I was convinced.


That moment forward I never looked back I love doing DoorDash ever since.

Along the way I run into a few doordashers and they would need some help on some things. One of which where you can earn 2x or possibly 3x the money you earn.


Think had me thinking

How can I help out some of the beginners of doing doordash?


There were a few people that asked me how to go about doing DoorDash, what are some of the basics to know and does it pay well


That is when I decided to create an e-book to help dashers along the way therefore to get a

head start to beginning to learn how to do Doordash which is why I wrote this e-book




                                                    Introducing: Dashing For Profits










A e-book that help teach people how to do doordash for beginners


A e-book on how you can maximize your profits to deliver food and work on your own terms


In this book you will learn:


• How Can Doordash Help You Make Money

• What Do You Need To Qualify To Be a Dasher

• How Do You Get Paid With Doordash

• The Best Times To Do Doordash

• Taking Advantage Of Having A Catering Bag for Bigger Orders And Tips

• Capitalizing On Peak Pays In Surrounding Areas

And more.



This book is created to help people for:

  • Having more free time with yourself and family

  • Not having to wait every two weeks for paycheck-determining how many hours and days you work and sometimes being short of a paycheck

  • Escape the work politics and drama-being free of a negative work environment

  • Dash whenever you want to make extra money

  • Get away from toxic bosses that dictate and berate you and how you work-determining you job and paycheck


This book is not for:


  • Lazy people not willing to put in the time and effort to making money

  • Looking to make a quick and easy rich payout

  • Being undecided about wanting to make extra money or not and playing games




When you buy your book. Think about how you can be able to start being your own boss, make enough money throughout the day and week to pay your bills, have plenty of food to eat to provide for your family and being able to save up some money to start a business or go on that much needed vacation to get away from all the stress and also dash just about anywhere around the country.


Imagine a day where you can go doordash anytime you want for extra cash on hand for fun and excitement. Buy the things you want. New clothes, eating out to some of the best restuarants, travel more.


With this book you can :


  • Get a head start learning how to accept orders

  • Have a easy to read, helpful guide to showing you how to start doordashing

  • Learn the short, simple steps to dashing within a short amount of time


This book has sold for only $37 in the past. But you will not have to pay that. Not $27 either.

 When you take action to order, you can have this book for only $17



                                                                That’s right only $17.00

Now I know you're on the fence, being undecided or uncertain about buying this e-book. I get it. I would be skeptical about something that I see interesting and appealing to me but also have that gut feeling.

I want you to think about something for a minute.

Imagine going back to your job tomorrow or the next day. You go in and start doing your job just like normal and all a sudden your boss is on that ego trip. He or she start yelling at you for no reason, just goes off the deep end over something petty and childish

Even though you are doing your job like are suppose to. 

Better yet fired you on the spot or you just quitting and out of work.

Will you keep putting up with being mistreated, being taken advantage of or will that be your breaking point to say enough is enough, you're not going to take it anymore? 

Let that sink in for a moment.

I’m confident that this e-book can help you along the way of starting out how to doordash and start helping make money however if you are not completely satisfied with your purchase or just feel like it’s not right for you I’ll refund your money back to you with a 30 money back guarantee. No questions asked.


It’s important that you need to make a decision to take action on whether you want to make your life better, being your own boss and have extra money in your pocket.


I can’t promise how long this offer will last or how many more copies of this book is left. Limited quantities are available at this moment

So don’t wait another minute.


Now your opportunity to take control of your life and start working for yourself.



                                                              Grab your copy of this today!




P.S. The price of this will soon go back up and will stay that way so don’t wait another second longer!

                                                                         Copyright  2024

Dashing For Profits How To Maximize Your Earnings Doing Doordash.jpg

The information in this eBook is to help show the potential of making money doing Doordash. Although you can make money doing Doodash there are no guarantees. The amount of money you make doing Doordash depends on the factors of effort and will you make being self-employed and following the rules of doing Doordash.

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